Failure to make reasonable adjustments - If you are disabled then your employer has a duty to remove any barriers you face because of your disability to enable you to do your job in the same way as someone who is not disabled. Examples might include providing a nearby parking space for a disabled worker, and allowing for regular breaks to cope with a disability.

Discrimination Compensation Claims

If you have been the victim of discrimination in your workplace, then Three Graces Legal are discrimination expert solicitors and will help you make a claim for compensation.

Your employer owes you a duty to ensure that discrimination does not take place at work. They are required to implement working practices and procedures to resolve any discrimination issues that arise. If they fail to do so, causing you to be discriminated against, then you may be able to claim compensation.



If there is discrimination based on one of the grounds above, then we can assist you with establishing whether you have cause to bring a claim. Each ground has different rules and regulations governing them.

If you have experienced any kind of discrimination in your workplace it is important to get help and advice as soon as possible. We are experienced solicitors who will be able to provide you with FREE initial consultation and advice. Contact us today.

As employees, you and your colleagues should be made aware that discrimination is prohibited from the workplace. Your employer should have a harassment and bullying policy in place, as discrimination in the workplace is their responsibility. Your employer should ensure that its employees fully understand the policy, and encourage you to understand that you can talk to somebody if you feel that you are being discriminated against.


Pay Dispute Claims

If you require help and advice with information about pay disputes or fair wages, Three Graces Legal are employment law expert solicitors who provide you with initial FREE advice and consultation.

Your employer owes a duty to ensure all its employees are paid fairly and without delay. All workers have the right to receiving a fair wage and there are laws in the UK, which are in place to protect these rights.

Where there is a dispute regarding payments between employers and employees, then the employer should take steps to resolve the matter early. Where this does not happen, then it may be necessary to bring a claim via the Employment Tribunal.



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